Officers / Committees

Congratulations to all newly elected Officers!

Meet your 2019 ABJA President, Beth Morris!

Hello Dear ABJA Friends. I am Bethany Morris, your 2019 President, writing
from beautiful Music City Tennessee.
Opportunities abound in Music City, and that’s why I love living here. Recently, I
attended the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to celebrate “Get on Your Feet,”
the national tour honoring the life and music of Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Their
story is truly one of thankfulness, encouragement, and a triumphant return.
As I relive the music, my thoughts turn to the ABJA, which has been alive for 30
years, and we need you for a triumphant return! So I say to you, my friends, you
may think it’s a waste of time, but I feel your strength and your devotion, so get
up and make it happen! GET ON YOUR FEET! I encourage you to prepare now
to attend our 2019 Professional Skills Seminar on October 10 and 11 in
Spokane, Washington.
GET ON YOUR FEET! I encourage you to hold a position and be an active
GET ON YOUR FEET and talk with the career law clerk in your chambers or
down the hall. Invite them to become active in the ABJA along with you.
GET ON YOUR FEET! If you have not heard from an ABJA member in a while,
give them a shout. Our officers and circuit reps are ready to assist you, and their
information may be found on the Communication Sheet posted on the website
(I’ve also attached a copy).
The ABJA mission statement promotes the “general welfare . . . to foster among
its members a feeling of camaraderie and mutual confidence.” Get on your feet;
make it happen!
And, my dear friends, may success and happiness kiss your feet at every step in
your life.


Introducing your 2019 Executive Committee:

President Elect:  Elaine Fountain, Louisville, KY
Treasurer:  Chicquita Greene-Hester, St. Louis, MO
Secretary:  Alexia Bible, Muskogee, OK
Parliamentarian:  Ursula Hamilton, Charlotte, NC


Become an ABJA Officer! 

Consider being an active member in the ABJA.  Get on the next ballot to be your Circuit Representative!  It's a great place to start!