Expense Reimbursement Policy

This policy is designed to assist individuals in reporting expenses incurred while conducting Association of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants ("ABJA") business activities.

General Guidelines

The ABJA expects individuals to act responsibly and professionally when incurring and submitting costs. The organization will reimburse individuals for reasonable expenses, for example: photocopying, travel fares, accommodations, meals, tips and approved purchases.

Allowable Expenses

Allowable expenses are reimbursable if they are necessary, reasonable and appropriate expenses incurred for the primary benefit of the ABJA.

Substantiation and Receipts

In order for expenses to be approved and reimbursed, they must be properly substantiated by submitting the merchant receipt or invoice issued by the supplier or service provider.

Receipts for all expenditures greater than or equal to $25 are required.

Travel Guidelines

1. Individuals are to fly coach class with the lowest available airfare.

2. Per Diem rates for meal and incidentals will be provided; no receipts are required. Per Diem rates will not be paid where other meal arrangements are provided. For example, a luncheon included with an event.

3. The following travel expenses will be reimbursed. Receipts are required for reimbursement of all expenses except for per diem and should be attached to the Reimbursement Request.

- boarding passes for airplane/train travel (coach only)

- credit card/merchant receipts

- parking

- mileage at current government mileage rate (if not flying)

- ground transport to/from airports

Note: Rental Cars not reimbursed

4. The following list includes examples of non-reimbursable expenses:

- personal travel insurance

- personal reading materials

- expenses incurred by spouse, children or relatives

- in-room movies or video games

- sporting activities, shows, etc.

- alcoholic beverages

Approval and Reimbursement

Complete the Expense Reimbursement Request online and upload legible scanned receipts. The ABJA president will review/approve the request and forward it to the treasurer for payment.

Deadline to Submit Expense Report and Documentation

To record expenses on a timely basis, an Expense Reimbursement Request and any receipt(s) should be submitted within 30 days after the expense is incurred or after the end of the conference. Requests for reimbursement submitted without proper documentation will not be paid until the proper documentation is provided.

Any questions related to the content of this policy or its interpretation should be directed to the President.