Certified Bankruptcy Assistants (CBA) Program

The Association of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants (ABJA) is a national organization formed by judicial assistants/secretaries to United States Bankruptcy Judges. 

Understanding that certification in a particular field can promote and maintain professional standards, the ABJA Continuing Education Committee developed and modified the Certified Bankruptcy Assistant (CBA) program for non-lawyer persons.  Bankruptcy law has developed into a very unique, sophisticated, and technical area of expertise.  This certification program enables secretaries/judicial assistants, paralegals and bankruptcy support staff to keep pace with new developments and is an effective quality improvement mechanism for employers. 

The certification program was developed with the assistance of the Knapp Designing Certification and Accreditation Programs, associated with the American Bar Association Accreditation of Specialty Certification Programs for Lawyers, through the American Bankruptcy Institute. 

Information Regarding ABJA Logo

The use of the ABJA logo is restricted and only for the purpose of the Association.  Any applicant holding a certification is prohibited from using the ABJA's logo for any advertisement, for use on any website, on any letterhead, nor for any other purpose.