Website Committee



Pursuant to Article 7.2 of the Association By-Laws, Website Committee is a Standing Committee.  The Chair of the Website Committee is appointed by the President (Article 7.1).


The main goal of the Website Committee is to keep the ABJA website current by:

  • Updating the website with the Membership List of ABJA and CBA members - this is generally sent by the Membership Chair.
  • Gathering photos of the Annual Meeting and posting them on the website.
  • Providing  links to other useful websites.
  • Updating the data in the Officers section at the beginning of each new term.
  • Updating the data in the CBA section and Annual Meeting section when directed.
  • Preparing an article for each issue of the ABJA newsletter, Behind the Bench.


Budget Submission and Financial Responsibilities:

All Committee Chairs will prepare a proposed budget for the following year at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting and submit it to the Finance Committee.  Committee Chairs will also prepare an annual report recapping the activity of your Committee over the past year and submit it to the President and Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee two weeks prior to the Annual meeting.