Public Relations/Newsletter Committee



Pursuant to Article 7.2 of the Association By-Laws, Public Relations is a Standing Committee. The Chair and all members are appointed by the President (Article 7.1). The duties of the Public Relations Committee are to edit, approve, and handle all material for publication sponsored by the Association (Article 7.3(c)). The Newsletter Chair is co-chair of the Public Relations Committee along with the Conference Chair or his/her designee, usually the Conference Registrar, who creates the conference brochures.

Chair is responsible for putting together the Association newsletter Behind the Bench, published:

  • January/February (Winter issue)
  • May/June (Summer issue)
  • September/October (Fall issue)

Each issue includes:

  • A feature article, preferably authored by a judge
  • President’s message
  • News from the Administrative Office – currently authored by Bridget Healy, Attorney Advisor in the Judicial Services Office
  • Reports from each Circuit Representative
  • Reports from each Committee Chair
  • “Spotlight” on one judicial assistant and one associate member
  • “Grammar Gremlins” by Don Ferguson
  • Articles on any other items of interest to the members

The Chair should contact all contributors a few weeks before the target publication date and ask them to email their articles to her/him by a certain date.

When the newsletter if finished, the Chair should email it to the Website Chair who posts it on the Association’s website, The Chair then emails the website link to all judicial assistants, associate/CBA members, and all bankruptcy judges.

Additional Duties:

  • Maintain a list of emails of all judicial assistants and associate members/CBAs and share/compare lists with Conference Registrar and Membership Chair.
  • Maintain list of emails of all bankruptcy judges (Newsletter Chair is on the Administrative Office’s distribution list to receive notifications when new bankruptcy judges are appointed).
  • Notify Membership Chair when judicial assistants are hired (new judge notifications from the A.O. include names of judge’s staff).
  • Notify Circuit Representative when a new judicial assistant is hired in his/her circuit.
  • Send emails to the membership on various topics at the request of the President.


Budget Submission and Financial Responsibilities:

All Committee Chairs will prepare a proposed budget for the following year at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting and submit it to the Finance Committee.  Committee Chairs will also prepare an annual report recapping the activity of your Committee over the past year and submit it to the President and Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee two weeks prior to the Annual meeting.