Membership Committee



Pursuant to Article 7.2 of the Association By-Laws, Membership Committee is a Standing Committee. The Chair and all members are appointed by the President (Article 7.1).  The President-Elect and all Circuit Representatives serve as members of the Committee.

The Membership Committee shall promote membership growth and retention in the Association. One of the general duties of this Committee, with the assistance of the Secretary and Treasurer of the ABJA, shall be to transmit to each new, restored, and renewed member a Membership Packet, enclosing detailed information about the Association.  Enclosed information shall consist of the History, Goals and Accomplishments of the Association; the ABJA Communication Sheet that lists the Officers, Committees, and Circuit Representatives' names, court and e-mail addresses, fax and  telephone numbers; their Membership Committee contact person; and a list of the JSAG members.

In detail, the Committee shall:

  • Approve correspondence and reports submitted by the Membership Chair.
  • Maintain and update the central data base membership files of all Judges and JAs, including paid members, nonmembers, judges who have 2 law clerks, and judges who have no staff (mostly recalled judges).  The data will contain the names, addresses, phone, fax and e-mail addresses of all JAs.  The files will be accessible by the board and all committees for their specific use.
  • Maintain and update the central data base membership files of all CBAs including paid members and nonmembers.  The data will contain the names, addresses, phone, fax and e-mail addresses of all CBAs.  The files will be accessible by the board and the CLE Committee for their specific use.
  • In January, compile a list of all members and nonmembers and submit them to the Circuit Representatives.
  • At least once annually, conduct an extensive membership drive, preferably the first week of January, with correspondence and telephone calls to the Circuit Reps encouraging them to contact the JAs in their circuit to join/rejoin the Association.
  • Promote a vigorous campaign to increase attendance at the Annual Meetings, as well as increasing membership in the ABJA. The Committee shall draft a "Membership Challenge" and present it to the ABJA Board for approval.


  • The Committee will transmit Membership Packets to new and renewed members as their dues are received.  The packets will include the following:  Welcome letter from the President, Membership Certificate (new members), copy of the ABJA Communication Sheet, copy of the ABJA History, Goals & Accomplishments Brochure, and password for the "Member's Only" section of the ABJA website.
  • Each April, the Committee shall send an e-mail to all nonmember JAs encouraging them to join or renew their membership.
  • Each April, the Committee shall send an e-mail to all nonmember CBAs encouraging them to join or renew their membership.
  • Shall prepare an ABJA Communication Sheet that lists the officers and committees and shall distribute the sheet to all officers and committee chairs and include the same in the membership packets.
  • Circuit Representatives shall continuously target districts within their circuits where membership has declined and encourage those who have never been a member to join.  The Circuit Representative shall also encourage those who have not renewed to renew, and those planning to retire to become associate members.
  • The Chair shall draft an article for each newsletter on the progress of membership and its goals. Circuit Representatives shall draft an article for each newsletter pointing out "the activities of the members in their circuit." The Committee, including Circuit Representatives, is encouraged to submit photographs to the Newsletter Editor that correspond with their articles. The December article shall include a reminder of the membership deadline, with an ABJA application form.
  • All Circuit Representatives shall periodically inform the Chair or their Committee contact-person of any retirement, address, telephone, fax, e-mail change or new Judge and Judicial Assistant in their circuit, to keep the member and nonmember lists up-to-date. Both lists will be revised at least twice yearly and transmitted to members of the Committee, Newsletter Chair, Secretary, History Book Chair, and Treasurer.
  • The ABJA Treasurer will be responsible for transmitting information to the Chair regarding new, renewed, and restored memberships at least one week prior to each newsletter's deadline for preparation of the Membership Committee's article.
  • The Chair shall prepare a progress report for the mid-year Board Meeting (if one is held).
  • The Chair shall prepare an annual report on the progress and future goals of the Committee for the Annual Meeting and the Long Range Planning Committee.
  • All members of the Committee are responsible for providing information to Judicial Assistants -- whether members or nonmembers, the President, President-Elect, Newsletter Editor, Circuit Representatives, and other ABJA committees through correspondence, e-mails, faxes, and by telephone.  Preferred communication is via e-mail or phone.  Information to all members and nonmembers shall be in a way that establishes a good rapport, an open line of communication, and assistance as needed.


Budget Submission and Financial Responsibilities:

All Committee Chairs will prepare a proposed budget for the following year at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting and submit it to the Finance Committee.  Committee Chairs will also prepare an annual report recapping the activity of your Committee over the past year and submit it to the President and Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee two weeks prior to the Annual meeting.