Conference Committee

Conference Committee Chairperson

Duties & Responsibilities

The position of Conference Chair is appointed by the President of the ABJA (usually contacted by the President-Elect prior to the annual educational conference.) The following is a non-detailed list of tasks to be performed by Chair.

  • Conduct Site Inspection per suggestion of location by President-Elect. Finalizing Contract with Hotel.
  • Prepare flyers for advertising CBA and ABJA Educational Conference. Prepare Program Agenda.
  • Write Newsletter Articles.
  • Submit Chair Report for inclusion in the business meeting binders.
  • Coordinate Speaker Requirements.
  • Research gifts for Officers and attendees.
  • Work closely with hotel sales representative for all aspects of conference. Contact Audio Visual company.
  • Research transportation (if necessary) for any outside functions. Research entertainment (if necessary) for function.
  • Report final head count to hotel for various daily food functions and room set up. Assemble all handouts/giveaways prior to conference.
  • Oversee every day activities of conference with hotel staff. Assign tasks to committee members before/during conference. Check, sign and approve all food & beverage orders.
  • Review of all charges to Master Account with hotel.  Breakdown charges for Treasurer on all invoices for conference.

Budget Submission and Financial Responsibilities:

All Committee Chairs will prepare a proposed budget for the following year at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting and submit it to the Finance Committee.  Committee Chairs will also prepare an annual report recapping the activity of your Committee over the past year and submit it to the President and Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee two weeks prior to the Annual meeting.