Certified Bankruptcy Assistant (CBA)


Pursuant to Article 7.2 of the Association By-Laws, Certification for Bankruptcy Assistant’s Committee is a Standing Committee.  The Chair and all members are appointed by the President (Article 7.1).  The following are the duties/guidelines for the CBA Chair and Committee, who work with the Continuing Education and Training Committee, whose goal is to provide opportunities for the JAs and CBAs to grow with the Association.

Continuously maintain official records and recording CLE/CEU hours required by CBAs.  Regularly review and enforce the CLE/CEU guidelines in the Rules and Regulations.  Email pass/fail notices along with Rules reminder to new applicants.  After Annual Conference, record CLEs to each attending CBAs permanent records.  Maintain CBA data lists and list of CBA associate members.  These lists are updated from each Conference.
Approve associate memberships for the Treasurer.  When associate member renews or joins the ABJA, the Treasurer needs approval from CBA chair.  Approval guidelines are outlined in Rules and Regulations, but mainly check for supervising attorney and CLE/CEU required hours.
Regular updates to CBA study guide, exam, speaker and website information.  Solicit speakers for CBA education and testing.  Maintain open communication with local speakers regarding equipment and materials necessary for presentation.  Provide CBA educational schedule with speakers’ bios to Committee Chair for July distribution.  Review and approve each CBA test applicant according to Rules and Regulations.  Consult and calm new test applicants regarding the importance of the classroom education, study guide and exam.
Reports required by CBA Committee Chairs:  proposed CBA Budget, long range planning report, CBA Educational Seminar agenda, year-end report, and quarterly newsletter articles.  Meticulous business records are necessary to provide accurate input for all required ABJA reports.
Prepare articles for the newsletter – updating the progress of the Committee (including results of CBA exam taken at Conference) informing JAs and CBAs where to find CLEs, if possible, and the progress of the annual conference, and CBA educational seminar.
    The CBA Seminar Brochure is created by the Conference and CBA Committees to recruit attendees from law firms, clerk’s office, and other various agencies to come to the conference.  It is sent out via email by the Conference Committee.  

Chair of the CE&T Committee should consult with CBA Chair and/or co-chair  to  make sure the speakers for the annual conference are comparable to a high standard of educational training.  If not, provide suggestions for training.  These two committees should work hand-in-hand for training to ensure proper hours are given and is accurate to meet the six credit hours needed
Help promote the annual conference to all CBAs who are not associate members
Seminar needs: Speakers’ thank you dinner, CBA lunch on test day, gifts for presenters, identify equipment needs i.e., laptop, flip chart, etc. of speakers/CBA applicants.  Report regular summaries of ABJA meetings to CBAs.  Express CBAs concerns to ABJA and vis-a-versa. 

Budget Submission and Financial Responsibilities:

All Committee Chairs will prepare a proposed budget for the following year at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting and submit it to the Finance Committee.  Committee Chairs will also prepare an annual report recapping the activity of your Committee over the past year and submit it to the President and Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee two weeks prior to the Annual meeting.